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Won’t you join me?

A lot has happened since my last entry.¬† I’ve spoken in a few churches…

Randy Carruth and I both spoke at Cedar Grove BC in Lecompte

Randy Carruth and I both spoke at Cedar Grove BC in Lecompte

I’ve decorated for Christmas and I’m sure I’ve gotten a few cavities from all the saccharin Christmas movies I watched!

Christmas decorations and movies smaller

I’ve sent and received many Christmas cards. I’ve prayed for all those I received cards from and accepted the blessings that came with the cards I received. I’ve visited with friends and family and participated in three Dirty Santa’s and we’ve all opened a shameful number of gifts…

Christmas Collage

…and I’ve participated in the whole Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty defense. I’ve been told that I should be their P.R. person…I’m game if they are! ūüôā


I’ve had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas season. However, the best part of my season had nothing to do with me but with all of you…and with two young adults from Twin Bridges Baptist Church…and with the children and leaders of two Indian Reservations and one Indian community in Mississippi.¬† The best part of this season was the Christmas Shoebox ministry that many of you made possible.

I sent out a request for help in providing our Native American children with Christmas gifts and the response was wonderful!  Ten churches and six individual families participated in this ministry providing a total of 395 shoeboxes!  180 of the boxes went to the Lac du Flambeau reservation in Wisconsin while 161 went to the Colville reservation in Washington State and 54 boxes went to Corinth Baptist Church, a Choctaw church in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

One little boy in Mississippi is happy to receive his Christmas backpack from Pisgah Baptist Church in Forest Hill.

One little boy in Mississippi is happy to receive his Christmas backpack from Pisgah Baptist Church in Forest Hill.

It was a beautiful day with fresh snow on the ground when Vicki James of Morning Star Ministries delivered these gifts to the children of the Colville Reservation in Washington State.

It was a beautiful day with fresh snow on the ground when Vicki James of Morning Star Ministries delivered these gifts to the children of the Colville Reservation in Washington State.

This ministry began last year at the request of two young men, John Phillips and Zeb Mathews, both of Twin Bridges Baptist Church.  Their simple request provided approximately 100 boxes last year and turned into something we never imagined this year!

This year John and I were joined by Heather Dix, also of Twin Bridges, when we headed to the Lac du Flambeau reservation to deliver gifts and participate with the Lac du Flambeau Bible Baptist Church in ministering to the Ojibwe people there.

John Phillips and Heather Dix getting boxes ready.

John Phillips and Heather Dix getting boxes ready.

The church members provided a luncheon of Creamy Beef Fricassee, Chicken and Wild Rice Soup and homemade Bread Pudding.  The room was full.

The community at Lac du Flambeau joined us for lunch.

The community at Lac du Flambeau joined us for lunch.

Then we handed out gifts to a group of very excited children. We enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts…but we had even more fun watching them enjoy their gifts!


This little girl had a box full of goodies but her very favorite gift was this small silk plant. You just never know what will appeal to them the most!

This little girl had a box full of goodies but her very favorite gift was this small silk plant. You just never know what will appeal to them the most!

There were lots of jump ropes and the kids loved them!

There were lots of jump ropes and the kids loved them!

There were lots of bubbles on hand

There were lots of bubbles on hand

Then it was time to brave the cold, head out into the snow and deliver the remaining gifts. The wind chill that day was 25 below but the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. You could hear some of the kids squealing inside when they realized they were getting gifts. ūüôā

John and Heather braving the cold to deliver more gifts.

John and Heather braving the cold to deliver more gifts.

Pastor Bill Earl, his wife, Bridget and their kids, Taylor, Zayne and Tallen are so wonderful about making us feel at home and allowing us to turn their home upside down.

The Earl family are wonderful about opening their home to us and helping us make a huge mess while we are there!

The Earl family are wonderful about opening their home to us and helping us make a huge mess while we are there!

The land here is as beautiful as the people and we three Louisiana natives were in awe of that beauty.¬† There really are no words…the pictures say more than I ever could…

14 smaller

WP_20131213_006 smaller

The Lake of Flaming Torches...not so flaming right now...frozen solid!

The Lake of Flaming Torches…not so flaming right now…frozen solid!

We worked hard but we did take some time to enjoy all of this beauty.¬† Heather and I even had the distinct pleasure of (and excuse me for this) having our snot freeze right in our noses!¬† Everyone should get to experience that at least once. ūüôā

Look how deep the snow was!

Look how deep the snow was!

The trip was¬†a fast one¬†and one¬†we will never forget.¬† Yes, the beauty of the land is something we’ll never forget…and the cold is something we’ll never forget…as well as the long drive and the great conversations we had in the car and the friendships we formed. But more than anything we will never forget¬†how great it felt to watch a child open a gift¬†and know that someone¬†in Louisiana took the time to minister to them through a simple box and a few toys.


So, what is next on my agenda?¬† I’m¬†doing some contract work for the Louisiana Baptist Convention for the next month.

Then I’m going to be contacting¬†reservations and groups I worked with last year and making arrangements with them for this coming summer.

I’m also going to¬†be meeting with new groups and new reservations¬†and Native communities to discuss adding to the summer ministry. That means I have a lot of planning to do. I¬†hope to have it all done by the end of February because in March I’ll be¬†going with “I¬†Am Able Ministries”¬†to Mexico to minister to the Mayan children there.¬† When I return I will be collecting ministry supplies and preparing for the summer.¬† It all seems a long way off but it will be here before I know it!

I traveled a total of 15,161 miles¬†during 2013 and I hope to cover even more territory in 2014! Won’t you join me?

Happiness comes from your circumstances but joy comes from God…

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. A lot has happened. I was home for a couple of weeks after I got back from South Dakota. I then¬†headed out again in July to meet Open Door Missions in Farmington, New Mexico. The drive there was incredible…

12 lsmaller

Colorado Plateau Mesa on Scenic Hwy. 550 in New Mexico

Part of the beauty of driving everywhere is the chance to enjoy what God has created and Red Rock Country is always my favorite!

When everyone arrived we had to hit the ground running.  We had to prepare for, set up, and begin a VBS all on our first day there! Thanks to Jessica Dubea, David Anderson and my good friends at the Louisiana Baptist Convention, I had the literature for everyone when they arrived or we would have been even more overwhelmed than we were.

We had VBS during the day.¬† We did this year’s Lifeway VBS, Colossal Coaster World, for an Anglo church in Farmington.

VBS Worship 4 smaller

Then, each evening, we held revival services and handed out backpacks with school supplies in several Native American churches in Bloomfield, Aztec and the surrounding areas.

Revival Night 1 Backpacks  c smaller

Tammy & Morgan Hanson handing out backpacks to some of the children on the Navajo Reservation

My mornings consisted of this…

VBS Backpacks 5 smaller

The three fifth and sixth grade boys in my class during VBS

And my evenings looked more like this…

Revival Night 1 me with kids at Gospel Victory smaller

Loving these babies!

Bro. Lavelle Spillers,  a pastor in Homer, LA as well as a board member of Open Door Missions was our leader.  I always enjoy working with Bro. Lavelle and his wife Diane.  This year I got to room with their daughter, Pamela Mathews, and their two grandchildren. Poor Diane broke her arm while we were there and the woman never quit!  Bro. Lavelle was preaching, pouring his heart out each night.  They are both devoted and determined to share the Gospel with everyone they come in contact with.

Revival Night 2 Lavelle and Dianne smaller

Diane & Lavelle Spillers

16 adults, youth and children accepted Christ while we were there!  Here are a few of them from Gospel Victory Baptist Church on the Navajo Reservation.

Revival Night 1 Salvations at Gospel Victory smaller

Some of those saved at Gospel Victory Baptist Church on the Navajo Reservation

Before heading home¬†I made it a point to visit Monument Valley, part of the Navajo Nation landmarks in southern Utah. It’s a place I’ve wanted to go ever since I saw my first western movie as a child.¬† I wasn’t disappointed!¬† Driving in I got my “Forrest Gump” shot.¬† You know the one where he was running and he just stopped and turned around and went home?¬† Here it is…

a smaller

My “Forrest Gump” shot heading into Monument Valley

Then I proceeded on.¬† It was hot. The sun was high¬†in the sky.¬† It was dry and dusty.¬† The road through the valley is only 17 miles but is a terrible road.¬† I had red dirt covering everything…inside and outside of my car.¬† And I loved it all!!!!!

g smaller

A picture I had been waiting my whole life to capture!

m smaller

Monument Valley did not disappoint!

The summer didn’t end here though.¬† After a couple of more weeks at home it was time to join my friends at the annual “Gathering” at the Bible Baptist Church on the Lac du Flambeau Reservation in Wisconsin.

These north woods are as different as night and day in comparison to red rock country but none the less beautiful.  For as much dirt and rock as you see out west, you see just as much grass and water here.

Pond smaller

North Woods country

Fall was even beginning to show it’s colors in a few of the leaves and the underbrush…

Leaves red smaller

Leaves yellow smaller

Underbrush smaller

The underbrush was already beginning to change colors

I’m always at peace on this reservation.¬† There are cool, dry breezes that make the leaves sing and being here is like slipping back in time.¬† But the true peace that pervades my soul while at Lac du Flambeau is found in Christ who resides in these good people.

Our days were spent attending discipleship classes in the morning, gathering in the evening for jam sessions outside and services at night.

Jam Session smaller 2

Evening jam sessions

Jam Session smaller

The kids would just do their own thing during these jam sessions…

Kids smaller

Sometimes I would just sit back and marvel at the mixture of races coming together…all of us one because of Christ.

The best part was that the leaders for this gathering were also Native American. Pastor Wesley Castillo of Pine Hill Baptist Church and his wife, Paulette, their daughter and three young brothers from their congregation came all the way from the Navajo reservation in Cuba, New Mexico. We were blessed by what God did through them.

Group from Cuba NM smaller

Pine Hill Baptist Church from Cuba, NM

They ministered through music, testimony and sermons that left me in tears each night.¬† And just when you¬†thought everything was coming to a close, the Holy Spirit would keep it going.¬† I won’t soon forget any of it.

The group of believers¬†at Lac du Flambeau¬†are strong.¬† Pam and Dar, Kevin, Mrs. Virginia and Mr. Ed, Mrs. Judy, Bernadine, Mr. Buddy, Pastor Bill and Bridget and their family…they’ve all become my family. But upon returning home I found out that I lost¬†a member of that family.

Mr. Ed Seneca, probably one of the most original men as well as one of the most devoted Christian men I’ve ever known (Red, Yellow, Black or White), went home August 27, 2013.

Mr Ed smaller

Ed Seneca…an original!

Mr. Ed loved Jesus, Mrs. Virginia and music…in that order.¬†¬†Last year¬†I sat with him in the hospital and¬†found myself amazed that he rejoiced at being there because it gave him the chance to minister to the doctors and nurses who attended him.¬†I’ve listened to him sing in English as well as in his native tongue and each time it left me in tears.¬† I recorded some of his stories and¬†his songs¬†because I didn’t want to ever forget his voice.¬†I spent as much time with him as I could but it’s never enough is it?

My heart grieves for Mrs. Virginia but rejoices with Mr. Ed because I know he was dancing a jig at the throne!¬† It makes me smile every time I think about it.¬† I look forward to seeing him again and I’m grateful God allowed me one more visit with him before He took him.

Mrs. Virginia & Mr. Ed being silly after his stay in the hospital in the spring of 2012

Mrs. Virginia & Mr. Ed being silly after his stay in the hospital in the spring of 2012

This¬†has been a¬†summer filled with¬†beauty, sadness, tears, sickness, frustration and overwhelming joy but more importantly it has been¬†filled with¬†God’s Holy Spirit.

I’ve traveled 12,560 miles. I’ve had the privilege of ministering and being ministered to on reservations in Washington State, South Dakota, New Mexico and Wisconsin. I never had to worry about finances and there were some obstacles but they pale in comparison to what I¬† witnessed God doing.¬† I saw lives changed, people saved and experienced God at work in my own life.¬† I¬†was allowed¬†to minister with some amazing groups…Pisgah Baptist Church in Forest Hill, Twin Bridges Baptist Church in Alexandria, Vicki & Fred James of Morning Star Ministries in Washington State, North Monroe Baptist Church in Monroe, Open Door Missions and Jed & Sally Jezek at LaPlant Baptist Church¬†in South Dakota.

The best part? It never ends!!¬† I’m so thankful to all of you for being a part of this ministry!¬†¬†I appreciate and pray for you all.¬† I’ll keep you posted on what’s next. Until then, I hope you are all happy, happy, happy but remember…happiness comes from your circumstances but joy comes from God!¬†

I Can Only Imagine…

Tomorrow I head out again.  As I was getting ready to go I realized I had not updated everyone on my last trip.

After I finished with my work at the Pine Ridge & Cheyenne River¬†Indian Reservations in South Dakota I headed on to the Lac du Flambeau Indian Reservation in Wisconsin.¬† I had a wonderful visit with my friends there.¬† You may remember that I was there this past April/May and we worked on getting a children’s church started for the children on the rez.¬† At that time they did not have a pastor but I am proud to report that they do now…and he’s a Louisiana man!¬† His name is Bill Earl and he and his wife Bridget and their children are from Elizabeth, LA.¬† I can’t tell you¬†how good it was to have a few more southern accents on the rez!¬† Bill and Bridget are a perfect fit for the Bible Baptist Church there at Lac du Flambeau.¬† The people there love them and we already see God doing wonderful things through them.

I am looking forward to returning to Lac du Flambeau in December to help distribute Christmas shoeboxes to the children there.  By the way, if you would like to help out with that ministry just give me a call.

Now most of you know me by now so you know that I took each chance I got to enjoy the scenery.¬† And boy was there some scenery to enjoy.¬† I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to Fall colors and the leaves were at their peak while I was there.¬† Heaven!!!

Every where I went there was gold…

And orange…

And all colors in between….

I think my favorite may be the trees that were just beginning to turn…they were a combination of lime green and yellow and their reflections were stunning.

Everywhere I drove was beautiful.¬† There was absolutely no escaping the beauty…

The beauty was there even when you looked up…

I took a walk down a trail one day and prayed.¬† I told God I couldn’t imagine heaven being any better than this.¬† But what’s so incredible is that it is better than this.¬† Mercy Me phrased it most accurately in their song; “I Can Only Imagine.”¬† I can only imagine how incredible heaven must be.¬† How beautiful. How breathtaking.¬† What I see on earth now is just a “foretaste of glory divine.”

I digress. ūüôā¬† Instead of heading straight to Connecticut after leaving Wisconsin I came home instead.¬† I needed to raise some more funds and get some things in order before heading to Connecticut.¬† I decided that I was going to have to work a little harder at finding inexpensive places to stay while on these trips.¬† So…I got online and found three Christian Campgrounds in Tennessee, Virginia and Connecticut.¬† I contacted them about lodging and as a result my total cost for lodging on this trip is $30.00!¬† I’ll be staying at Camp Agape in Benton, TN my first night on the road.¬† They are a Southern Baptist Campground.¬† I’ll be staying the next two nights at Shenandoah¬†Springs Campground near Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.¬† They are an inter-denominational¬†campground but the pastor and his wife are Southern Baptist.¬† Then, in Connecticut, I will spend 9 nights at the Willimantic Christian Campground; owned by an inter-denominational Christian group.¬† God is good!

Now let me share with you a way that God provides when we least expect it.  I needed about $1,000.00 to pay my bills and make this trip.  I started out with $150.00 but I kept making my plans like I already had the money I needed.  I am leaving tomorrow and by yesterday I had received $990.00.  Again, God is good!  I also had a donation strictly intended for me to get AAA Auto Insurance in case I have problems while on the road.

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to see these kind of things happen.¬† I’ll admit, I get a bit nervous at times but God always provides what I need, when I need it through people like you.¬† Thanks to you all!

I’ll head out in the morning and I’ll keep you all posted as often as I can while on the road.¬† In the meantime, please be in prayer for the contacts I make to work with the Mashantucket Pequot tribe in Connecticut.


New Life…

It’s been an interesting week here at Lac du Flambeau.¬† Mr. Ed came home from the hopsital and then had to return.¬† Mrs. Virginia is lost without him.¬† Here’s a shot of the two of them acting silly after he got home.

He should be able to come home again tomorrow.  I hope so!

Mrs. Judy had eye surgery Wednesday and came home Thursday night.¬† Her surgery went well but she has now come down with the flu.¬† The house I am staying in while on the rez belongs to her.¬† She has been beyond generous and I’ve really come to love her.¬† Here’s a shot of where I’ve been living these three weeks.

I’ll miss this double wide on the rez…it’s MUCH better than the one I live in at home and it’s defintely better than the tents and tipis I’ll¬†be sleeping in¬†on other reservations this summer!

Friday night Mr. Buddy, Dar and Pam took me to eat supper.¬† After supper Dar and Pam invited me to come¬†back¬†to their house for a visit.¬†They’ve got a full house.¬† A son, his girlfriend and her three children along with their daughter’s two¬†children.¬†¬†It’s a home filled with laughter and fun.¬† One of the¬†sweetest sights I’ve seen the whole time I’ve¬†been here was Dar singing a hymn to his grandson, Bryson.¬† Let me introduce you to Bryson…

He is bright eyed and full of life!  And, thanks to his grandparents, he will know the Lord!  I believe we are looking at a future Christian leader in the Native American community!

Then there’s Hazel…a beautiful little girl with lots of black hair and eyes to match.¬† She looks as if she’s questioning everyone and everything around her.

And this is a picture of Pam’s life!¬† She loves it but all I can say is, “Better Pam than me!”

Today was great because we had two more children come to Children’s Church!¬† They are Mrs. Virginia’s great, great nieces, Emily and Sky…

Their dad is Walter, Mrs. Virginia’s great nephew…and the operative word here is “great.”¬† Walter is there every time Mrs. Virginia needs him.¬† He¬†is 34 years old and has six children that he is raising on his own…and he’ s doing it well.¬†I have¬†a great deal of admiration for him.

My beautiful niece, Kaylee, turned 12 on Thursday and she had her¬†party yesterday. It was hot there and the kids played on a slip and slide that my brother made.¬† I have to admit, it made me kind of homesick.¬† I hate hot weather but playing around in the water on a hot day with my niece is always fun! The last two days here on the rez¬†have been cold and dreary outside. The kind of days that make you want to stay inside and sleep or read a good book.¬† Getting out of bed this morning was not easy until I got to church and saw¬†this…

It just kind of puts everything into perspective doesn’t it?¬† God shows us¬†through nature how everything is always changing.¬† Everything comes to an end and begins again.

The children on this reservation are the future of this reservation.¬† There’s a church in a nearby town (not on the rez) that picks the reservation children up on Wednesday’s and brings them to a special children’s program at the church.¬† The kids are learning God’s Word and I’m pleased with that.¬† The church that is ministering to these kids is great but once again, the children are experiencing Christ in the “white man’s world” rather than in their own. I want these kids to know that Jesus resides on their reservation as well!¬† Now is the time for that…I believe that this is the season of new life here at Lac du Flambeau….in¬†nature and in the Church.¬† New groups are coming in behind me; the members here are prepared to reach out to the children in this community and lives are being restored on this reservation.¬† I’m¬†so grateful¬†that God allowed me to be a small part of it.

So, what’s next?¬† I’m headed home…to a place where¬†I’m not the only one who “talks funny.”¬† I’m going to¬†pick up my dog, love on my niece and nephew,¬†have a fish fry at my Daddy’s, enjoy Mother’s Day with my Mama, go to a very special wedding, give Hudson and Denton a big bear hug, spend time with Josh and Nikki, ¬†have a slumber party with my Mama and Kaylee, get ready for a new baby girl, go out with friends and finish preparing¬†to leave again in June.¬† I’ll keep you posted…

as soon as¬†I’m on the road again…

It’s been a great few days on the rez…

Today we had three children show up for Sunday School here on the rez!¬† That may not sound like many to you but believe me, it’s a big deal.¬† The children also had a knowledge of Jesus and what He did on the cross and that was encouraging as well!

Wednesday night there were three of us that met for prayer meeting. We three discussed enough to make us all go home and continue seeking God for truth.¬† That’s the kind of Bible study I love…when everyone contributes and learns from each other.

Mr. Ed is still in the hospital but doing much better…the young lady who was beat up Wednesday is also¬†better.¬† She is still pretty traumatized but that is starting to heal as well.

I made a trip to see my friend, Bernadine and her family on the Menominee reservation.¬† Bernie is a believer on a reservation with very few believers but she doesn’t let that stop her.¬† She’s got a love for the Lord and is teaching her niece and nephews about Jesus and the Word.¬† I’m so proud of how determined she is to follow through!¬† During our visit we took a trip to the cemetery (yep, another one!) to visit her mother’s grave.¬† I got this shot of Bernie with her niece Evian and her nephews Jarel and Jayquan while there.

The last few days have been¬†beautiful so I took a quick trip to Madeline Island. There were very few people there since¬†summer hasn’t arrived but I like it that way.¬† It was just me and¬†beautiful Lake Superior.

I came upon an old church and…..another cemetery while on the island.

Right before I left to catch the¬†ferry back to the mainland, I came upon this incredible wooded area.¬† It looked to me as if¬†they were the¬†woods straight from¬†a fairy tale…¬†Hey, your imagination runs wild when you are all alone on a practically deserted island!

Then, on the way home, I discovered this crazy collectibles shop. It was closed but all I wanted were some good photos! Here’s one of them…

Finally, I made a mad dash home so that I could capture the sun setting on Lac du Flambeau.¬† I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s another look…

Then, as I was about to walk away, this caught my eye.¬† Dare I say…smoke signals?¬† You decide!

¬†So, all in all it has been a great week!!!¬† I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us here on the rez.

An eventful couple of days…

It’s been an eventful couple of days on the rez.¬† Monday night I got a call from Mrs. Virginia telling me that her husband, Mr. Ed had been rushed to the emergency room.¬† It was about 9:30 p.m.¬† I called a couple of the church members and headed to the hospital. I stayed until they admitted him at about 2:00 a.m.¬† He was doing better but they are unsure of what is going on.¬† Mrs. Virginia and I visited for quite a while.¬† Mr. Ed is the love of her life and her best friend; yet, in the midst of his sickness, they are both still overcome with longing for their Native brothers and sisters to come to Christ.¬† It is their constant prayer.¬† I pray that God will place that kind of longing for others in my heart!¬† Here’s a picture of Mr. Ed with Mrs. Virginia and myself last summer.

Mr. Ed says that Jesus wants him in the hospital so he can witness to everyone he comes in contact with…and believe me, he is doing just that!!! Everyone wants to visit with him and God is using that.¬† I spent 2 hours at his bedside yesterday and enjoyed hearing of his past mission work with other Natives. What a mighty man of God!

Earlier that day, I had taken advantage of the beautiful weather and ¬†unusually slow schedule for the day and took a drive to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore on Lake Superior.¬† I thought I lived on a lake….then I saw Lake Superior.¬† It goes on forever and is so beautiful!

I came to the lovely town of Ashland, WI and got my first glimpse of Lake Superior at this beautiful dock.

 Then at this roadside park.

After a brief visit here, I headed on to Bayfield, a beautiful town right on Lake Superior where fishing is king!

Spring was showing¬†up in Bayfield as well…

¬†After leaving Bayfield, I headed further north and accidentally discovered this little treasure on Lake Superior.¬† It is called Little Sands Bay…

It was extremely secluded and¬†I only saw 4 people there.¬† One was in a boat and three more¬†were¬†construction workers toward the front of the property.¬† I was aware that¬†it might be slightly dangerous for me to be there alone, but I was enjoying taking pictures so I ignored¬†the potential danger and continued on…until I saw this…

Yep! That’s a bear track…and not an old one.¬†¬†I decided then that it was time to go.

I stopped again at Meyer’s Beach…another secluded area…and then headed for home.¬† On the way home I came upon another cemetery and had to stop if for no other reason than to get a shot of all the purple flowers.

Two and a half hours later I was back home and three hours after that I was at the hospital.

Sunday afternoon drive…

Well, it’s my first Sunday with the Lac du Flambeau Bible Baptist Church.¬† We’ve visited children, we’ve had several meetings and the relationships I am forming here are enduring ones.¬† Today was the day…Sunday.¬† We prepared the room, I got the lesson ready, the ladies were on hand to learn.¬† But no kids.¬† It’s a slow process on a reservation.¬† The supply pastor had his two grandchildren with him so we took them and did a practice Sunday School with them for training.¬† The ladies learned and the kids enjoyed themselves…so all in all, it was progress.¬† Now we’ll just have to keep on keeping on.¬† After a¬†great lunch with Mr. Buddy and Don I decided it was time for some fresh air.¬† Nothing renews my soul like a Sunday afternoon drive, so off I went…exploring my new “home.”¬†¬†And I wasn’t disappointed.¬† The Northwoods country is one of the most serene places I’ve ever experienced.¬† The sun filtering through the fir, spruce and pine; the water that seems to go on forever. Take a look…

¬†The birch trees stand like tall, white sentinels, quietly standing guard in the afternoon sun…

And when I opened my car window at this¬†boggy marsh, the mosquitos that flew in¬†put the Louisiana mosquitos to shame!¬†They were so large I had to look twice to make sure they were actually mosquitos…

Of course, no Sunday afternoon drive is complete¬†without a visit to a local cemetery.¬† I always enjoy cemeteries…much to the dismay of my friends…but if you want to know something about the area you are in then that’s the place to go!¬†¬†This cemetery is on the reservation and has something I’ve never seen before…

Yep…that’s a little house.¬† They are called¬†Ojibwe cemetery houses.¬† They house the food and other offerings made by the Ojibwe natives.¬† Here’s a look at another one…

Well, tomorrow begins a whole new week here with my new Native friends.¬† I’ll keep you posted…



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