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Wherever He leads I’ll go

God has called me to minister to the Native American communities throughout North America and Canada.  I have answered that call with, “Yes Lord” and have made my motto, “Wherever He leads I’ll go.”

After three mission trips to reservations in South Dakota and Wisconsin, I have learned that I am to work with the women and children on the reservations.  My goal is to be prepared for any ministry a reservation pastor or congregation may need, which includes – conducting Bible Schools, Back Yard Bible Clubs and Women’s Bible Studies.

I will often be going in alone to work with people one on one. At other times I am leading teams to serve with me at day camps and Vacation Bible School’s for at least a week at a time during the summer months.  I am also working in tandem with Randy Carruth of IAmAble Ministries, where I will be serving, in any capacity in which I am needed, at large Native American gatherings.


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