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A Plague of Biblical Proportions…

I really didn’t think I would be posting anything so soon into this trip.  However, I had a small experience I thought I would share with all of you.  As I was driving down the highway listening to the Touched by an Angel soundtrack, I passed this field…

Where, to my delight, I saw this beauty!

So, I quickly turned around to go back and take a picture.  I pulled off of the road and proceeded to walk through the cut grass so that I could get a closer shot.  It was all good until I realized that there was lots of hopping going on around me. When I looked to see what exactly was moving around in the grass I encountered enough of these to classify it a plague of Biblical proportions!

I HATE BUGS!!! However, I really wanted to get a closer look so I kept on going.  And it was worth it just to get to watch this sweetheart enjoying her mid-day snack…


Well, that’s it.  It’s just kind of nice when God gives you a sweet moment as you travel.

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