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God bless the U.S.A…

Happy 4th of July everyone! While the rest of the nation is celebrating with BBQ, swimming and fireworks, I am in a hotel room in Ogden, UT.  I decided that I needed one more day of rest and relaxation before my next assignment in New Mexico.  I’m not even doing any site seeing and I am so thankful I have that option!

I’m grateful to be a part of a country that maintains that I can celebrate in any way I choose.  I’m proud to be a citizen of a country that allows me to pursue my dreams and callings.  More than anything though, I’m grateful to live in a nation where I can spend my life spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So…today I will enjoy my nice, comfy bed in my air conditioned room because tomorrow I’ll be on the road again.

God Bless the U.S.A.!



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