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Hoopa Reservation in California

A last minute invitation to a missions fair. A presentation to a church.  A friendship formed.  These are what led to my relationship with Old Saline Baptist Church and, six months later, a mission that changed us all.

Last Fall Randy Carruth contacted me about a possible ministry with Ethan Red Eagle Lawton and the First Baptist Church on the Hoopa Reservation in Hoopa, California. After meeting the good people of Saline Baptist Church it was decided that we would do a Sports Camp for the young people on the reservation.

Old Saline Baptist Church is a small to medium sized rural Louisiana church where the members are all like family.  I was the outsider in this group but they quickly made me feel like one of their own. I came to know and love each one of them. They only had six months to raise funds for this mission but with God all things are possible and they did it.

We arrived on the Hoopa Reservation with great expectations and we were not disappointed.  The people were loving and the land was beautiful. The kids we worked with were receptive to all we had to offer.

Team 1 smaller

We spent our days preparing for the camp each evening and performing acts of kindness at the church and in the community.

Team 15 smaller

We also did some site-seeing in the Valley of Giants Redwood Forest…

Team smaller

…and Trinidad Beach.

Team 30 smaller

We also explored the reservation.

Scenery 2 smaller

In the evenings we had camp.  Each evening started off with a pledge to the Bible…

Camp 12 smaller

Then we had Basketball…

BB1 smaller


Kickball 1 smaller


Football 2 smaller


Softball 2 smaller

Crafts and Puppets for the little ones…

Crafts 1 smaller

Camp 19 smaller

And of course, snacks!

Camp 8 smaller

On our final night there we had a family night that consisted of worship, food and fellowship and an awards ceremony…

FN 7 smaller FN 15 smaller FN 19 smaller

We were blessed to be able to work with Pastor Ethan Lawton and three summer missionaries…Johanna Gross, Zion Abiy and Lina Adams. They made our work there so much easier and we all feel as if we have found forever friends in them.

Team 2 smaller

Zion, Johanna, Lina and Pastor Ethan

The first mission anywhere is usually a learning process for everyone involved and this was no exception. From the traveling details to the food and even the camp itself you always find that there were things you wish you had done differently. The beauty of that is that is that you can! You learn, you grow and you return the following year to improve on a ministry that is now a part of who you are. To a people you have come to love.  And to a place that will forever be in your heart.

I am so blessed to work with a group that recognizes that and are already raising funds for next year. Join us if you dare!

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  1. An awesome mission work! It changed any lives! Not just the person who were witnessed to but the one that went. God is so good!


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