Wherever He leads I'll go

The road is calling and so is the Holy Spirit! This is the longest I’ve gone without being on the road since 2011. It has been a time of physical healing and lots of preparation. It’s all been great but there’s a time for everything and now is the time to go.

Church13 smaller

I leave June 3 and won’t return until mid August. I’m returning to the Choctaw Reservation in Mississippi for the third year doing a Biblically based Sports Camp. Going with me this year is my home church, Pisgah Baptist from Forest Hill. From there I’ll head to South Dakota. North Monroe Baptist Church and I are returning for the fourth year to the Cheyenne River Reservation for our annual Biblically based Basketball Camp. Then on to the Colville Reservation in Washington State where Twin Bridges Baptist Church and I are returning for the fourth year. This year we will be doing an Upwards style Basketball Camp as well as Bible Study with the teens and adults there. Next on the agenda is the Hoopa Reservation in California. Old Saline Baptist Church is joining me there for the second year to bring a Biblically based Sports Camp to the children and teens on the Rez. The new reservation on the list this year is the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Pastor Chris Morris and New Life International Outreach have agreed to help in providing an Evangelistic Tent Revival there. We will also be offering a Backyard Bible Club for the children.

The summer ahead is going to be filled with hard work, lots of sweat and nights falling into bed (or onto an air mattress) exhausted. The days will be filled with the sweet sounds of children laughing, fussing, arguing and worshipping. Life will move at a rapid pace some days and at a snail’s pace others.

Tipis at night

It’s a hectic, busy, fun, tiring, exciting way to live and work but I wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s a wonderful life!

Please keep this ministry in your prayers. Pray for traveling safety for myself and all of my teams. Pray for our finances and our health. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to go ahead of us and prepare the hearts and minds of everyone we come in contact with. Pray that my teams and I have soft hearts that are open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I’ll keep you all posted through Facebook and Blog entries. God bless you all!


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