Wherever He leads I'll go

I really didn’t think I would be posting anything so soon into this trip.  However, I had a small experience I thought I would share with all of you.  As I was driving down the highway listening to the Touched by an Angel soundtrack, I passed this field…

Where, to my delight, I saw this beauty!

So, I quickly turned around to go back and take a picture.  I pulled off of the road and proceeded to walk through the cut grass so that I could get a closer shot.  It was all good until I realized that there was lots of hopping going on around me. When I looked to see what exactly was moving around in the grass I encountered enough of these to classify it a plague of Biblical proportions!

I HATE BUGS!!! However, I really wanted to get a closer look so I kept on going.  And it was worth it just to get to watch this sweetheart enjoying her mid-day snack…


Well, that’s it.  It’s just kind of nice when God gives you a sweet moment as you travel.

Comments on: "A Plague of Biblical Proportions…" (2)

  1. So sweet Terri. Thanks for sharing the pics. Love them and you.


  2. At first I thought you meant the locust! But then I turned the page, and saw the real sweety! God is so wonderful like that; showing us His provision for the animals and the bugs too! This reinforces my belief that He is providing for your every need. How precious you are to Him, and to me also!


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