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And away we go…

95 people have been saved on the Lac du Flambeau reservation in northern Wisconsin! 42 of these came to Christ during a series of evangelistic services led by a mission team from the First Baptist Church of Haughton, LA just a few weeks ago.  Then, in an unprecedented series of events, the tribal president called a meeting of the entire Lac du Flambeau tribe and allowed the Gospel to be presented as part of the meeting agenda.  53 more were saved as a result.  Never before in the history of the Lac du Flambeau tribe has any leader allowed the Gospel to be presented in such a public format.

 As a result, the Bible Baptist Church has a problem.  They’ve got  lots of new converts and very few people to teach them.  Many of you may remember that I was at this very reservation last August with a team consisting of Randy Carruth, Richard Hebert, Bruce Plummer, Kristina Dix and several others.  I am excited to tell you that I’ve been invited to return to help teach the women and children in the church and to train others to work with the children.

 My motto is “Wherever He leads I’ll go,” so I am going!  I depart April 16 and return May 9. Please pray for me as I travel and as I teach.  Please pray for those I am teaching – that they have a clear understanding of the direction God is leading them in and that many will answer God’s call to lead.

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