Wherever He leads I'll go

The true picture…

There are no photographs today.  Just some information you may not know. I never know how much to mention concerning some of what goes on in the lives of the people on these reservations. There’s a fine line between information and invasion of privacy.

Yes, it’s beautiful here and I get a little time here and there to enjoy the scenery, but life on any reservation is hard. Yesterday a 12 year old girl that I have come to know was drug behind a building by two 14 year old boys. Waiting for her behind the building was another 12 year old girl who proceeded to beat her black and blue just because she didn’t like her.

Another family just found out that their grandchild is being sexually abused by someone in the family. One 34 year old young man I have gotten to know has six children, no job and his wife is in prison.

This is just an example of life on the reservation. The small band of believers here feels overwhelmed…they don’t know where to start to make a difference. Please pray for them and for all the others affected by life here and on all the reservations throughout the United States.

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