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Sunday afternoon drive…

Well, it’s my first Sunday with the Lac du Flambeau Bible Baptist Church.  We’ve visited children, we’ve had several meetings and the relationships I am forming here are enduring ones.  Today was the day…Sunday.  We prepared the room, I got the lesson ready, the ladies were on hand to learn.  But no kids.  It’s a slow process on a reservation.  The supply pastor had his two grandchildren with him so we took them and did a practice Sunday School with them for training.  The ladies learned and the kids enjoyed themselves…so all in all, it was progress.  Now we’ll just have to keep on keeping on.  After a great lunch with Mr. Buddy and Don I decided it was time for some fresh air.  Nothing renews my soul like a Sunday afternoon drive, so off I went…exploring my new “home.”  And I wasn’t disappointed.  The Northwoods country is one of the most serene places I’ve ever experienced.  The sun filtering through the fir, spruce and pine; the water that seems to go on forever. Take a look…

 The birch trees stand like tall, white sentinels, quietly standing guard in the afternoon sun…

And when I opened my car window at this boggy marsh, the mosquitos that flew in put the Louisiana mosquitos to shame! They were so large I had to look twice to make sure they were actually mosquitos…

Of course, no Sunday afternoon drive is complete without a visit to a local cemetery.  I always enjoy cemeteries…much to the dismay of my friends…but if you want to know something about the area you are in then that’s the place to go!  This cemetery is on the reservation and has something I’ve never seen before…

Yep…that’s a little house.  They are called Ojibwe cemetery houses.  They house the food and other offerings made by the Ojibwe natives.  Here’s a look at another one…

Well, tomorrow begins a whole new week here with my new Native friends.  I’ll keep you posted…



Comments on: "Sunday afternoon drive…" (4)

  1. Jerry W Doyle said:

    Thank you for sharing information on activities relative to your mission trip.  From the days that I first met you and participated in your Christian teachings I knew you to be a person whose heart truly was that of a greenhouse filled with Christian blessings and fertile growth of spiritual nourishment of others.  Too many folk these days have sour outlooks, depressing attitudes because their hearts are greenhouses filled with weeds and thorns.
    I know that in your missionary work that your enthusiasm for God and for the spreading of His Gospel will provide the needed seed for people who hear the message to sow beautiful flowers of hope and optimism for all those who meet you and learn of the good news you bring about our Father. 
    In a day when too many individuals sow seeds of doubt and insecurity, I know that your missionary efforts will bear fruit that will give those who receive the good news you bring the needed Teflon capacity to resist negativism and to remain unwearied, optimistic and forgiving, thus enjoying fully God‘s message.
    I am so very proud of you.
    Jerry W. Doyle
    Galatians 6:7


  2. The ojibwe house with the name vernon defoe is my fathers gravesite. Thanks for posting a picture of it as if it were ok. A little disrespectfull.


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