Wherever He leads I'll go

On the rez…

I’ve been on the reservation for 3 days now.  The accommodations are wonderful…much better than what I live in at home.. and the people are so gracious.  These are a good people…proud to be Native but grieved at how few of their people know Jesus.  I’ve met with the church members twice and we’ve begun work on starting a Sunday School for the children.  I haven’t taken any pictures yet but here is a shot from August with one of my favorite Natives – Mrs. Virginia Seneca.

Pam Waterman and I went into the community visiting some of the children yesterday and today.  The response was mostly positive so I’m looking forward to seeing who comes on Sunday.  Today, before we went visiting, I took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and went out looking for photo opportunities.  I stopped at the actual Lake of Torches …Lac du Flambeau and got this shot…

The wind was blowing and I was freezing (it was 43 with a wind chill of 37 today) when I took this one!

Time ran out and I headed to the church to meet Pam.  But the best was yet to come…I went to supper with Dar and Pam and on the way home we spotted this Bald Eagle!  It’s a baby…that’s why it doesn’t have the white on it’s head yet. But it’s a Bald Eagle none the less!! Dar was kind enough to turn around, go back and pull over so I could get this. God Bless you Dar!

A great end to a good day.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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